Coming up short on what to sing? Here are some ideas that can help!

In this video, we talk about one way in which you can teach your students the memory verse.

Grab your Explorers Club Teacher’s Guide and this video will guide you through how to use this book to teach your Explorers Club class!

Here’s some tips on how to find games to do for each of these sections of your Explorers Club lesson.

The class is over. Now, let’s look at how to keep your students involved in the church.

Let’s talk about how and when to visit your students.

In this video, we talk about what you should send to your Explorers Club Coordinator.

Let’s talk about how to approach your students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This video talks about the impact a Explorers Club workbook can have in the home of a child.

Here’s some helpful tips on what to do with the question page.

This video explains how to use the question page so that you know if your students are learning the material.

Need more time? No problem! This video goes over how to teach one Explorers Club lesson over three or four weeks.

Reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the main focus of Hope For Kids. In this video, we look at the many reasons why this is important.

Need more time in teaching the Explorers Club lessons? Here’s some instructions on how to teach one lesson over two weeks.

Here’s some tips and an example to help you in teaching the Explorers Club Truths!

Here’s some tips in leading the “Prayer, Praise and Song” section of your Explorers Club lesson.

This video has some examples that will hopefully give you some ideas on how to welcome your Explorers Club class.

Having trouble getting ready to start teaching? Here are some tips to help you out!

This video goes through the steps of recording the Explorers Club class information.

Confused about the time and place to have your meetings? This video will guide you through this process.